Family Dispute Resolution is a confidential process where one or two trained  family mediators help people in conflict come up with solutions everyone can agree with.

At some of our locations, this family mediation service is offered through the Family Relationship Centres(FRCs) that Interrelate operates on behalf of the Australian Government. During the painful time of family separation, staff at our Family Relationship Centres help parents resolve conflict and work out arrangements for the children, with or without the involvement of solicitors. While everyone is adapting to the separation, parents are given help to focus on the needs of their children.

Who is Family Dispute Resolution for?

  • Separated parents and other family members in conflict over children
  • Individuals who need to find a permanent solution to their dispute
  • Separating couples who need help to end conflict and learn how to resolve future differences in a business-like manner
  • Parents who are having trouble communicating and reaching an agreement about their children
  • Separated couples who are unable to reach an agreement about property and financial settlement
  • People who have been ordered by the court to attend counselling, mediation or reconciliation prior to attending court (known as family court mediation)
  • Separated parents who would like to try to mediate with their solicitors involved

Note: In some cases, if there is an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) involved in your situation, it may mean family mediation is unsuitable or unable to proceed. We will discuss this with you at the initial phone contact and will ask you to supply us with a copy of the ADVO to determine whether mediation can proceed or advise you of alternate options.

Staff at our FRCs work sensitively, carefully and impartially with all clients to understand their needs and suggest the most appropriate services and courses of action. They journey with clients to help reduce conflict and to resolve issues and disputes. 

Our aim is to facilitate a family mediation process whereby well-constructed agreements, which reflect the wishes of parents and are in the best interests of their children, are reached. We will always do all within our power to protect children and vulnerable adults from the risk of harm.

FRC staff are professionally qualified in accordance with standards set by the Attorney-General’s Department, with academic backgrounds in social science, psychology or law.

Whether you are going through separation, starting a relationship, want to make your relationship stronger or having relationship difficulties, our expert family and parental mediation staff can help.

FRCs operate as a hub and resource centre for community members to receive appropriate services and programs on site, and, as required, to be referred to other services available in the local region.

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Family Relationship Centres

Interrelate operates seven Family Relationship Centres (FRCs) for family mediation across NSW, on behalf of the Australian Government.

What are Family Relationship Centres?

Family Relationship Centres (FRCs) are safe and secure environments where clients can receive information, advice, family relationship services or referral to a wide network of local services. At FRCs, diverse backgrounds and needs are acknowledged and respected.

Family relationship services are wrapped around child-focused family dispute resolution (mediation), which enables separating families to achieve workable parenting arrangements without the need to go to court.


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