Our vision is of a world where thriving relationships exist at the heart of humanity.

Our purpose is making our vision a reality, by empowering people to thrive in the most vital part of their lives – their relationships.

We are committed to leading the way in providing responsive, cutting edge, transformative relationship services with and for our diverse communities, at every stage of life. This is our promise to everyone we work with.

Interrelate provides a range of quality services, relevant to community needs, that aim to empower people to live and relate more effectively. We are committed to responding to the vulnerabilities of families and children in their communities and to building stronger relationships. Our work is underpinned by the principles of:

  • strengthening family relationships
  • fostering more resilience within families and communities
  • working in the best interests of children to create supportive family environments
  • respect, equality, compassion and empowerment for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, culture or age
  • reconciliation with Australia’s first peoples


Our values that guide all that we do at Interrelate are:

Respect: Foster an environment of respect and a strength-based culture in all contact with clients and each other.

Equity: Provide people with equitable access to services and information, acknowledging the diversity, needs, rights and worth of all people.

Leadership: Be recognised as a leader in providing quality relationship services in a way that maximises outcomes for a diverse range of target groups.

Accountability: Commit to sound ethical principles and standards of practise and operate within an outcome-based framework that recognises shared responsibility and accountability.

Transparency: Serve the needs of staff and clients in a fair, ethical and impartial manner, and provide consistent and transparent practises and procedures.

Empowerment: Offer services that focus on empowering people to build capability and resilience.