We value the experience and skills that people from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background can contribute to the work of Interrelate, and we want to encourage and support applications for employment with us.

We understand that applying for a job can sometimes seem daunting and impersonal, so we would like to offer you the following: 

• Have a chat with one of our CALD employees before you apply. Contact the Human Resources team to get the contact details of one of our CALD employees, so you can ask about their experience working with Interrelate. 

• Contact the Human Resources team if you are unable to apply online, and they’ll help you with alternative options. 

• All CALD-identified positions will have a member of a CALD community or agency on the recruitment panel. 

Contact the Human Resources team via hr@interrelate.org.au  or 02 8882 7800. 

How cybersafe are you and your children?

Cyber Smart & Safe (Students) – Years 4 - 6 (Face to Face)
An innovative and interactive program that assists students to safely navigate their online world. This program covers social networking, ways of staying safe online, what is private information and how to protect it and ways to deal with cyberbullying and trolling

Cybersmart & Safe (Parent Edition)
Cyber Smart & Safe parent edition is an innovative program aimed at supporting parents and carers with their primary aged students as they navigate the online world. Participants further their understanding on current issues and develop their knowledge on gaming, cyberbullying, social media use and setting boundaries 

To order, email schoolservices@interrelate.org.au.

Dreading the thought of answering the tricky questions kids inevitably ask?

Tricky Talks are a series dedicated to helping you find the right words to have those tricky conversations with your child when things start to change. Covering topics from Preparing for Puberty to Where did I come from. Tricky talks will help you get the conversation started.

To order this program, email schoolservices@interrelate.org.au.

A few testimonials for our Family Evening Programs…

“I envisaged some stern-looking educator standing in front of tittering pre-pubescent kids with an awkward slideshow or, worse, video, while I sat next to my son in uncomfortable silence. But the session was excellent. Everything was explained perfectly, it was interactive and fun, and I even learnt a few things along the way.”
Lisa, Newcastle

“The teacher made everything so easy – most of us parents were laughing our heads off the whole time!”
Sarah, Brighton Le Sands
“To be honest, I tried to back out, but I’m glad I came, especially because now if my youngest starts to ask me things, I know what to say.”
Josh, Toongabbie

Our parent and carer webinars have been built to complement our Relationship and Sexuality Education programs.
Is there another topic you’d like more information on? Let us know by emailing marketing@interrelate.org.au.

If you found these helpful, please consider donating – your funds will go towards making similar resources available.