Concerned that you won’t be able to tell if your child is being bullied?

In our Bullying Awareness Parent Webinar, you will learn:
• about the nature of bullying, including cyberbullying
• to identify bullying behaviour
• strategies and actions to take to support their child
• real-life scenarios and practical tips
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How cybersafe are you and your children?

In our one-hour Cybersafety For Parents And Carers webinar, you will learn about:
• kids’ attitudes to the digital world
• how to set boundaries in relation to technology use
• apps, websites, online gaming and sexting
• cyberbullying and staying cybersafe
• age-appropriate content and controls
• Australian cybercrime laws
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Dreading the thought of answering the awkward questions kids inevitably ask?

In ‘A New Baby’ Movie, using age-appropriate terms, children are taught about male and female reproductive systems, foetal development and the birth process. View the program trailer here. We know you’ll be surprised at how easy the conversation can flow with the right guidance, and at how the conversation with your child can help you create a closer bond.
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A few testimonials for our Family Evening Programs…

“I envisaged some stern-looking educator standing in front of tittering pre-pubescent kids with an awkward slideshow or, worse, video, while I sat next to my son in uncomfortable silence. But the session was excellent. Everything was explained perfectly, it was interactive and fun, and I even learnt a few things along the way.”
Lisa, Newcastle

“The teacher made everything so easy – most of us parents were laughing our heads off the whole time!”
Sarah, Brighton Le Sands
“To be honest, I tried to back out, but I’m glad I came, especially because now if my youngest starts to ask me things, I know what to say.”
Josh, Toongabbie

Our parent and carer webinars have been built to complement our School Services (Personal Health And Development Education) programs.
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