At Interrelate, we believe strongly in the effectiveness of our programs and offer training for external facilitators to be able to run the following programs, in line with our new licensing agreements:

By becoming licensed to deliver Interrelate programs,  you’ll receive:

  • a three-year license, billed annually
  • four days of facilitator training, delivered face-to-face or online via webinar over the term of the license*
  • a facilitator manual and presentation
  • participant materials – digital version, for printing
  • program updates

What we'll need from you

• Annual statistics on the number of programs held and participants taught
• Your participation in the evaluation and review of the program you're trained to deliver

Pricing structure

Licensing in one program
Annual cost: $1500
Total cost: $4500
Licensing in two programs (20% discount)
Annual cost: $2400
Total cost: $7200
Licensing in three programs (40% discount)
Annual cost: $2700
Total cost: $8100
Training for additional participants: $350 per person per day*, plus travel costs.

*Training course duration
  • Aboriginal Building Connections Facilitator Training: one day
  • Building Connections Facilitator Training: one day
  • Parents Not Partners Facilitator Training: two days

Important information to note

Being licensed as a facilitator of these programs does not make individuals or agencies an agent of Interrelate.

Interrelate wants to ensure services delivered reflect the intent and quality of the programs as designed. If Interrelate receives complaints pertaining to the delivery of a program licensed through Interrelate, and the concern cannot be suitably addressed, the license may be revoked.

Read Our Facilitator Training Terms and Conditions
Download Facilitator Training Registration Form 
For more information or to enquire about training dates, please contact Mary Tiller: or 02 4016 0500.