Not sure how to explain to your little one where they came from? Scared you're not prepared for when menstruation hits? Want to scratch up on your knowledge of staying cybersafe in the digital world? Encourage your child's school to book in for one of our popular School Services programs.

We have a reputation for non-discriminatory and open teaching on sensitive issues including sexuality, gender identity, bullying awareness and respectful relationships. 

Our highly trained and skilled educators deliver a range of programs that assist more than 70,000 children and parents each year to communicate with each other about fundamental emotional and social development issues. 

Interrelate has the acknowledgement of government, education and health authorities to provide relationship education in schools. 

Introducing our new high-school programs
Our suite of programs for high schools cover areas of teenage life that are related to sexuality. Sexuality encompasses the whole person, including biology, identity, gender and expression of self.
Research shows that if young people are given accurate and reliable information, they are more able to make good choices. Our programs recognise that young people are exploring what it means to be a sexual being and are creating their own culture. We wish to affirm their development into adulthood.
Programs are delivered with sensitivity and without judgment. The sessions are designed to provide information in order to facilitate discussion. We give positive messages about bodies, choices and autonomy.
Our programs enable students to develop the confidence to assert their needs and wants within a relationship. They also help young people to understand that intimate relationships should be consensual, respectful, equal and satisfying for both partners. Our objective is to ensure young people know the range of possible consequences of intimate relationships.

We don't receive funding for our School Services programs. Instead, we rely on the collection of fees and donations to develop and maintain the delivery of these products. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Donate now.

To book or register your interest for any of our programs in Australia (excluding Victoria), please contact Interrelate School Services on 02 8882 7875 or email

To book or register your interest for any of our programs in Victoria, please contact Family Life Victoria on 03 9813 2377 or email

Primary-School Services (Australia, excl. Vic)

  • Personal Health & Development Education

Primary-School Services (Victoria)

  • Personal Health & Development Education

Family evening sessions

Bundle Package 1

Bundle Package 2

Families, bodies & birth

Programs for students under 8 (stage one)

Programs for students aged 8+ (stage two)

Programs for students aged 10-12 (stage three)

Anti-bullying & cybersafety programs

Bullying Awareness Program (Stage 2) 

Bullying Awareness Program (Stage 3) 

Cybersafe Teens (Stage 3) 

Complementary add-ons

Feeling Safe

Diversity (Stage 3)

Hygiene (Stage 3)

Positive Body Image (Stage 3)

Girls Only – Managing Menstruation (Stages 2 and 3)

Programs for parents and carers

Bullying Awareness Parent Webinar

Cybersafety For Parents And Carers

Parent Information Session

High-school programs

Teens, Technology & Pictures