Stress Less

There are many stressors in a young person's life with their changing bodies, peer pressure, and school exams all happening at once. 

Added to this is that they are expected to work out what they are going to do with the rest of their life (or at least life once they finish school). This can cause them to feel a lot of stress that they may not be equipped to deal with. 

Help prepare your students for that final leg of their schooling and how to get the most out of it by mapping out study time, leisure time and family time and providing students with ways to tackle stress at this high-pressure time is vital.

If you’re planning a school camp or retreat for your senior high school students, this is an ideal opportunity to deliver this program to them. The program can be run with single classroom groups or entire year groups. 
The program can help you and your students with:

Stress Less 
Audience: Year 10, 11, 12 students
Sessions: 1 x 90-minute session
Program focus: 

  • Understand ways to recognise stress
  • Identify individual stressors and the ways people react to stress
  • Teach ways to achieve a school-life-work balance
  • Educate on boundary setting
  • Acknowledge the importance of relationships
  • Knowledge of the difference between stress and burnout
  • Identify stress-management techniques


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Feedback from participants

“I liked recognising my stress and ways to
manage it.”

“I enjoyed setting my weekly plan and seeing
it in writing.”

“Hayley was the perfect presenter for our fitness group. Fresh, fit and related to our attendees.”