We value the experience and skills that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people contribute to the work of Interrelate, and we want to encourage and support applications for employment with us.

We understand that applying for a job can sometimes seem daunting and impersonal, so we would like to offer you the following: 

• Have a yarn with one of our Aboriginal employees before you apply. Contact the Human Resources team to get the contact details of one of our Aboriginal employees so you can ask about their experience working with Interrelate. 

• Contact the Human Resources team if you are unable to apply online, and they’ll help you with alternative options. 

• All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-identified positions will have a member of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on the recruitment panel. 

Watch our video explaining our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategy

Contact the Human Resources team via hr@interrelate.org.au  or 02 8882 7800.