At Interrelate, our goal is to ensure that we continue to provide the best programs and services to our clients. We evaluate our work through projects that we conduct both in-house and in collaboration with research partners.

Our clients and staff are vital to these projects, and what we learn from them we share both within the organisation and across the broader family relationship services sector. The reports and articles on this page are prepared by Interrelate staff and our partner researchers.

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  • Parents Not Partners: Evaluation Of A Program Of Challenge, Learning And Reflection For Separated Parents

    Presented at Family & Relationship Services Australia National Conference, 2016

    Parents caught up in acrimonious separations already see the hurt their children are experiencing, but their own hurt and pain often takes control and prevents them from being the parents they can and want to be. When they are mandated to attend a post-separation parenting program, they often feel judged as bad parents in need of re-education. Little wonder that they enter such programs with high levels of resistance and antagonism.

  • Child-Safe Approaches In Children’s Contact Services: Opportunities and Challenges

    Presented at Child Aware Approaches Conference, 2016

    A meaningful ongoing relationship with their parents is the cornerstone of positive child development. Children’s Contact Services (CCS) provide a service and space to enable parents to develop and maintain safe relationships with children. Families who use CCS tend to be experiencing high levels of conflict and multiple and complex issue. Good practice guidelines apply for government funded services, though CCS are an unregulated service type and often situated in a complex position where family law, child protection and criminal proceedings intersect.

  • Improved Outcomes For Children: Helping Conflictual Parents See With New Eyes

    Presented at Family & Relationship Services Australia National Conference, 2015

    “You are a bad parent in need of education so that you do not do further damage to your children.” That is the message given to parents who are mandated to attend ‘parenting after separation’ programs. It may not be the stated or desired intention, but it is the very real felt experience of this client group. How then should we engage with the increasing number of court-ordered parents who often enter our programs with high levels of resistance and antagonism? This workshop outlines a program that is both therapeutic and educative, designed to lead parents through a process of reflection and learning that builds on their capacity to make better decisions about how they manage themselves through the separation.

  • Service Practice Groups: Rewriting The Script For Program Development

    Presented at Family & Relationship Services Australia National Conference, 2015

    Group programs are an integral part of family law services – they must respond to client needs and reflect current circumstances. To ensure currency, programs are regularly reviewed, updated and rewritten. At Interrelate, service practice groups (SPGs) have become part of the landscape to review programs and other aspects of the organisation’s delivery of services. In this presentation, the creation of SPGs, their functionality and wider organisational purpose will be outlined.

  • Creating A Research-Aware Workforce: Lessons From The Trenches

    Presented at Australian Institute Of Family Studies Conference, 2014

    Keeping up to date with the theories, research and evaluation findings that inform their practice is an ongoing challenge for practitioners. This can be difficult in organisational settings, where clients and service delivery take priority and where access to information and resources can also be difficult to facilitate.

  • Royal Commission Community-Based Support Services: Adapting To New Funding Streams

    Presented at Family & Relationship Services Australia National Conference, 2014

    Interrelate Family Centres was recently funded to provide community-based support services in NSW to support individuals affected by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The concept of clients in trauma who need support forms the core of Interrelate’s existing work in relationship services, Family Relationship Centres, Children’s Contact Centres and mental-health services. As a result, Interrelate was well positioned as an organisation to fit the Royal Commission Community-Based Support Services into its existing services and models.

  • Respectful Relationships: Collaboration Between Indigenous And Non-Indigenous Agencies

    Presented at 7th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention, 2013

    This paper recounts the story of how a non-profit organisation [Interrelate] worked with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation [Mingaletta] to engage the local community by assisting young boys in increasing their knowledge of, and connection to, culture, and the amazing outcomes achieved along the way. It will provide some answers to the question of the approaches organisations should adopt to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to improve their wellbeing and how organisations can encourage communities to utilise available services by making them more accessible.