Moving Into The Teen Years: Standard package

Audience: Year 5 students 
Sessions: 3 x 90-minute sessions (one session per week over three weeks)

Program focus: 
• Acknowledge personal differences and promote respect for, and acceptance of, others
• Increase awareness of personal safety and protective behaviours
• Develop students’ understanding of physical development at puberty, and provide strategies for managing these changes
• Discuss different types of relationships and strategies for managing conflict

Moving Into The Teen Years: Standard package 

Audience: Year 6 students 
Sessions: 3 x 90-minute sessions (one session per week over three weeks) 

Program focus: 
• Revisit development at puberty
• Outline the process of human reproduction, including conception, foetal development and birth
• Explore respectful relationships with self, friends and family
• Enhance students’ self-esteem, communication and decision-making skills in relation to taking responsibility, taking care of themselves and respecting others
• Assist students to become aware of the influences on their personal choices and the potential consequences of those choices
• Raise awareness of technology and its influence on teens, including strategies for cybersafety 
• Discuss expectations in high school 

Moving Into The Teen Years: Premium package 

Audience: Year 5 and 6 students  
Program focus: As outlined in the standard packages
Additional extra: Each student will receive a copy of 100+ Questions Kids Have About Puberty


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