Sessions: 3 x 60-minute sessions (one session is delivered per week over three weeks)
Audience: Year 3 and 4 students

Session 1: Me & My Family

Program focus: 
• Explore the way families work and what it means to be in a family

Session 2: Body Parts & Functions

Program focus: 
• Discuss the difference between males and females, including exploration of some gender stereotypes
• Encourage naming of body parts and functions

Session 3: Reproduction, Pregnancy & Birth 

Program focus: 
• Discuss reproduction in the context of family relationships, including conception, foetal development and birth 

Kids Building Connections

Audience: Year 4 students
Sessions: 2 x 90-minute sessions (one session per week over two weeks)

Program focus: 
• Improve students’ understanding and development of healthy relationships​


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