Anger is a normal everyday emotion that should not be avoided. However, out-of-control anger can lead to abuse in relationships or the workplace, and therefore some people may need assistance in expressing their anger in a constructive way.

This program facilitates self-awareness and teaches the emotions in relationships that build intimacy and understanding.

Who is it for?

Individuals with anger issues.

Key outcomes

Making Choices will assist participants to
• understand anger as a healthy, normal emotion
• express anger in a non-abusive, respectful manner
• become more self-aware of the effects of their anger on others
• increase awareness of their communication style
• communicate more effectively in relationships and the workplace
• set goals for behaviour change

What to expect

When you come to Interrelate, you can expect high-quality attention and care from professionals who are passionate about helping you to have strong relationships.

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  • Central Coast
  • Hunter
  • Lower Mid North Coast
  • Sydney North
  • Sydney South
  • Upper Mid North Coast

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