The Building Stronger Families program supports parents and carers to examine their relationship with the other parent. It provides them with fresh ways of managing conflict and creates a new parenting arrangement that supports improved outcomes for their children.

Who is it for?

Parents and other carers of children in separated families attend Building Stronger Families when they:
• know that the conflict between them is affecting their child and don’t know what to do about it
• have been ordered or encouraged by a court to attend a post-separation parenting program
• have been referred by their solicitor
One parent can attend on their own, or both can attend but at different times so they don’t have to meet.

Key outcomes

Building Stronger Families aims to:
• create a strong bond in separated families so children are not disadvantaged
• focus on the needs of the children and teach ways to co-parent successfully
• set specific goals for the benefit of everyone involved

What to expect

When you come to Interrelate, you can expect high-quality attention and care from professionals who are passionate about helping you to have strong relationships.

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