Respectful Man is a 14-week online program designed to help
you become the man you want to be, and the man your loved ones need you to be.​

The Respectful Man program will help you to improve how you behave in your relationships. Respectful Man is specifically for men who have used abuse of any kind in their​ intimate relationships, who are wanting and ready to change.

Respectful Man supports you to take responsibility and change unhealthy behaviours so that you can: 

  • better understand your behaviour and the impact your behaviour has on others
  • learn how to respond, not react 
  • become the very best version of yourself ​
  • develop healthier, more respectful relationships with those around you​
  • develop a level of self-respect that is needed to help you build and sustain healthy relationships with others 
  • step up to be the father, partner, son, uncle, grandfather, mate, and man your family, friends and society need you to be.​

The program will support you to: 

  • explore your behaviour, feelings and emotions in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental group environment with an expert facilitator 
  • build a relationship of trust with the other men in the group 
  • hold yourself and others accountable for behaviour ​
  • develop the skills you need to be the man you want to be. 

Engaging men through First Nations cultural practice

A crucial feature of Respectful Man is the First Nations cultural content, which is embedded throughout the program. For example, sharing relevant cultural stories. The Respectful Man program has been created with First Nations cultural practices and methodologies to support you to reflect upon behaviour through a cultural lens. You will feel empowered to connect with First Nations culture, with others, and within. Looking through a cultural lens can evoke personal growth and change from within including behavioural changes and motivations in relationships with others.
Feedback from the men who complete the program has shown that Respectful Man’s cultural content works for all, regardless of whether they are of First Nations background or another. Valuing First Nations people and culture in action, as well as voice, is an additional benefit of this program.

About the content

The Respectful Man program covers: 

  • What is a man 
  • Responsibility and accountability 
  • Feelings 
  • The impacts of family origin 
  • Types of violent behaviours 
  • Power and control 
  • Healthy vs unhealthy relationships 
  • Wellbeing and self-care 

What is Respectful Man?

Respectful Man - Participants


To enquire about the program, please contact us on 1300 473 528​.