The Respectful Man is a 10 week group program designed to combat behaviour that leads to family and domestic violence. It is for men who want to learn how to change and take responsibility for certain behaviours in their lives.

This program is currently running for adults and high school students in the NSW Mid North Coast and taking expressions of interest for other areas.

How does it work?

The 10-week program begins by allowing men to first become comfortable in the group setting and build a rapport with each other. Once the men have become comfortable around each other they become more open to sharing and more receptive to the skills and concepts being taught.

The program supports men to:
•    explore their behaviour, feelings and emotions in a supportive, non-judgmental group environment with the assistance of an expert facilitator
•    develop a level of self-respect that is needed to build and sustain healthy relationships with others
•    learn how to respond, not react
•    build a relationship of trust with the other men in the group
•    hold each other accountable for their behaviour
•    develop the skills they need to be the man they want to be

The program covers:
•    What is a man
•    Responsibility and accountability
•    Feelings
•    The impacts of family origin
•    Types of violent behaviours
•    Power and control
•    Healthy (and unhealthy) relationships
•    Wellbeing and self-care

Feedback from participants

“I used to be that person that lashed out all the time and couldn’t control when to stop but now I can actually pull myself up.”

“I only came to school today because this was on.”

To enquire about the program, please contact us on 1300 473 528.