Topics of this interactive six-week group program include:
• Messages from the past – beliefs and values about parenting: What are my goals as a parent? What hopes and dreams do I have for my kids?
• Brain development and its relationship to behaviour: Why won’t they do what they are told when I have told them 100 times?
• Giving and receiving messages: What type of communication style do I have? What about the other members of my family?
• The message of behaviours: Why do my kids do what they do? Are they just trying to push my buttons?
• Messages about me: Why are my children so different? Why do they respond so differently to the same thing?
• Passing on messages: Where to from here?

Who is it for?

Parents and carers wanting to improve their parenting skills.

How does it help?

Bringing Up Great Kids aims to:
• build parents’ confidence
• foster positive parent-child relationships
• reduce stress and the occurrence of family conflict

What to expect

When you come to Interrelate, you can expect high-quality attention and care from professionals who are passionate about helping you to have strong relationships.

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