Domestic and family violence continues to be a toxic social problem in our society. Research shows violence in relationships has been linked to a lack of education, positive role modelling, and skills to manage difficult emotions. We believe a holistic approach is required to address the pervasive ways these unhealthy behaviours show up in relationships.

Through Respectful Man we support perpetrators to understand and change their behaviour, by giving them the tools to hold each other accountable for their actions. We provide the men with the skills and knowledge that enable them to begin a strength-based process to become the men and fathers they want to be.


Respectful Man is a men’s behaviour change program that supports men to take responsibility for their actions and change their unhealthy behaviours. Your donation will support our Respectful Man team to run more programs so men with a willingness to change can develop healthier, more respectful relationships with their current and future loved ones and networks.

Providing a facilitated safe space, while holding these men accountable helps to build relationships and foster trust. This safe space allows the men to explore their behaviours, feelings and emotions in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental group environment with an expert facilitator. This is achieved through sharing and storytelling, which supports the men to explore their behaviours without feeling attacked.

140 men have participated in this program - with more men on a waitlist ready to make change. The program has been evaluated by Professor Andrew Day MSc D.Clin.Psy, and Dr Luke Butcher as part of a partnership with the University of Melbourne.

92% of participants reported the content was 'very useful’ in helping them to look at the impact of their behaviour in developing healthier relationships, and in taking greater responsibility for their actions.

“The cultural content had me remembering I could be a role model to others and that actions speak louder than words. An excellent way to connect, learn and realise areas of gaining improvement.” – Respectful Man Participant 

‘I had a healthy upbringing where healthy values were displayed. However, I can see now that I have abandoned those values, and I need to follow them again so I can be the father I want to be.” – Respectful Man Participant 

If this is a social cause you care about, make a donation today to help fund the delivery of more programs so we can expand the reach of Respectful Man. 

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