Are you currently completing a qualification and need some practical experience to complete your course? Do you want to study, build skills and gain practical workplace experience?

At Interrelate we offer traineeships, internships and a vocational placement program.

We offer traineeships in children’s contact work; child, youth and family work; community development; information technology; human resources; administration; finance; client services; counselling; and family dispute resolution.

To learn more, contact the Human Resources team via or 02 8882 7800.


A traineeship is a structured work-experience program where a prospective employee works for a business to gain experience and develop skills in a particular occupation or industry.

Throughout the course of a traineeship, the trainee works towards completing a nationally recognised qualification, with a key focus on learning and developing skills through a combination of hands-on experience and formal training.  

Traineeships can be full-time, part-time or school-based, and trainees can be students or school-leavers, a person re-entering the workforce, or someone wanting to change careers.

Traineeships can take between one and three years to complete, depending on the qualification undertaken. This time can be reduced if the trainee gains recognition for prior learning or if the trainee demonstrates an appropriate skill level for the role.

Examples of Interrelate traineeships

The most common traineeships Interrelate offers are:

  • Certificate IV in Community Services – this qualification has a variety of elective units that can be completed, making it an ideal entry point into a number of positions at Interrelate, including children’s contact work, child, youth and family work, and community development.
  • Certificate III or IV in Business Administration – though qualifications are not currently mandatory for client service officer positions and other administrative roles, this qualification would be an ideal starting point for someone who is relatively new to the world of work.
  • Corporate qualifications – there are a number of certificates that would be applicable to our corporate roles, including Certificate III in Accounts Administration, Certificate IV in Accounting for finance roles, and Certificate IV in Information Technology, Networking or Support.

An internship is a structured work-experience program where a prospective employee works for a business to gain experience and develop skills in a particular occupation or industry.

Internships provide an opportunity for recent graduates, or those still studying, to build skills and gain practical workplace experience that they may otherwise be lacking.

Internships can be full-time or part-time and usually span several months.

Examples of Interrelate internships 

• A full-time, month-long unpaid internship for a counselling student who wants to gain experience during their university holidays.
• A year-long, day-a-week unpaid internship for a student studying to be a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.
• A full-time, three-month paid internship for a recent finance graduate who needs to gain some ‘real world’ work experience.

Vocational placements are very similar to internships, however while internships are completed in addition to a qualification, vocational placements are completed as a requirement of an educational or training course. For example, as part of a Bachelor of Social Work, a student may be required to undertake a three-month, three-day-a-week placement at a relevant organisation.