Client's name has been changed to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Peter was different from other kids in his year at school. He was born with a physical disability that prevented him from doing some of the things other kids could do. Peter hated that he was different.

Peter desperately wanted to be like everybody else. Other kids would call him names or taunt him by asking him to play a game they knew he couldn’t play. Peter described going to school as “torture” to his caseworker.  

Every day when his parents tried to get him ready for school he would cry and complain of headaches, stomach aches or other injuries. Peter missed nearly a whole term of school. Peter and his caseworker spoke about how important it is that everybody is different because that’s what makes us all unique. 

Peter told his caseworker he wanted to go to a school where his differences were celebrated, not mocked. Peter and his parents, with the support of their CONNECT caseworker, decided that perhaps Peter would flourish at a different school. Peter started at the new school and told his caseworker, “I feel like I belong there, I’ve made some friends and people laugh at my jokes”.