I feel as though the protest needs to continue. I feel just being yourself, just having that recognition and the representation within the media is important. I’ve found since coming out, there is such little representation of gay women. We're getting better with representation of gay men, gay white men, mostly. But I think that we need to continue with that so that there is a broad spectrum of representation within our community.

Mardi Gras has been a highlight of my life for many years, I always thought that it was just a really good ally.

I've been in the parade and have watched the parade from the sidelines many times. It's always filled me with such excitement, and drive. I recognise that Mardi Gras is another form of representation for our community.

If I had a magic wand, and I could change one thing for the people around me. It would be to allow people to feel confident. Allow people to be comfortable and confident, and express who they are without any fear of reprisal. I think representation of gay women would really help support that in our community.

I would like for the young people that I work with, who are struggling with issues around sex and sexuality, to be free from fear that there will be losses when they come out.