Interrelate has had a proud history of building strong and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that are founded on mutual respect and a desire to work in partnership.

Interrelate has worked diligently to achieve this desired outcome, with Interrelate’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff founding and maintaining these ongoing relationships in an array of creative ways that are designed to meet individual and community needs.

Interrelate is dedicated to ensuring these relationships flourish by constantly consulting and collaborating with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and community to renew and refresh programs in order to ensure continuous improvement of Interrelate’s programs.

Interrelate has an internal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reference group, called Kutanya. Kutanya aims to support delivery of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. Kutanya is made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, and other staff, including the CEO, reflecting the fact that at the very heart of this reference group is reconciliation.

Kutanya members work with individuals, families and communities facing issues of trauma, including death, loss, grief and transgenerational trauma. Commonly, family discord, family and domestic violence and youth disconnection are challenges that result in higher rates of alcohol and other drugs use, more significant health issues and lower rates of employment.

Interrelate, through the work of Kutanya members, journey with families to facilitate healing, family safety, cultural awareness and community connection.

On this journey, Kutanya members encourage empowerment through culture that embraces reconciliation and works towards reconnection. Kutanya members collaborate with community and services by sharing expertise through yarning and case management. Through the use of Mentors, Elders and community connections, Kutanya members engage children, young people and families to celebrate traditional culture, engage in education, counselling and positive activities that have helped increase communities’ awareness of the work and support that Interrelate can provide.

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