Christmas can be a difficult time for many. Whilst it can be a wonderful time to come together with friends and family it can also be a demanding time, adding pressure to ourselves and our relationships to meet certain expectations.
Over the last year we have all been affected by the increase in the cost of living, which has added financial pressure for many. As Christmas is often a time when money is spent on food and presents, I encourage you to take the opportunity to focus on what is really important to you this time of year.
Spending time with the people you care about and doing what you enjoy can create a break from day-to-day stressors without the added financial burden.
This guide is designed to support you through challenges in the lead up to Christmas and help you manage expectations and improve your enjoyment over this holiday period.
Whether you are spending this time with loved ones, or spending it alone, the Guide to Surviving Christmas is here to help you with relatable tips to reduce emotional distress and navigate difficult situations during this time.

Graeme O’Connor
CEO, Interrelate

Guide to Surviving Christmas

  • Take the stress out of your relationships with your Guide to Surviving Christmas.