This book is for children and their families to help them understand reproduction. Our books are targeted at an age-appropriate level for children between 10 and 12 years.


• Becoming part of a family
• Parts of the body that make males and females
• How babies are made
• Pregnancy – a baby is growing
• Birth – the arrival into the family
• At last you have arrived – looking after a baby
• No one is the same – other ways of joining the family

Praise for 100+ Questions Kids Have About Having A Baby 

“Congratulations on another excellent resource for sex education. The value of this book is that it answers real questions by children in words and phrases that are informative yet catchy and fun to read. The graphics are factual and present fairly difficult concepts in an entertaining manner. Having worked with sex educators at Interrelate for many years, I believe no one is better qualified or equipped to develop a resource like this than they are. I would recommend the book to parents as a conversation starter. For teachers and youth group workers, it would be a useful resource for sex-education sessions.”

Dr Patricia Weerakoon, Director of the Graduate Program in Sexual Health at The University of Sydney