Hi, you must be here because we have requested to use your photo/video/audio/story/interview for promotional and/ or educational purposes – thank you!

Before we get your consent there are just a couple of things you need to know. 

1. By consenting via the form below you are giving permission to Interrelate Limited to use your photo/video/audio/story/interview as outlined in the Publishing Guidelines below.

2. If you decide you no longer want your content to be used that’s ok. We will do our very best to retrieve any of your content that has been published for promotional and/ or educational purposes. However, due to the nature of digital technology and social media, we cannot fully guarantee all content will be retrievable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of your content, please contact Interrelate: marketing@interrelate.org.au.

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Publishing Guidelines

Your content may be published on the following platforms at any time: 

This includes publishing on platforms linked to Interrelates Social Enterprises and Subsidiaries. 

Your interview, photos or videos may be shared internally via Interrelate’s internal communication channels including Interrelate’s intranet, internal events, internal newsletters or Yammer.  

Interrelate reserves the right to publish your interview on other equivalent communication channels. 


1. As Interrelae staff at the community events can I submit consent for clients and collect promotional materials? 
Consent is completed by clients whos images we are going to use. Please request clients to scan QR codes and assist them. If clients does not have their devices then you can lend Interrelate mobile phone and assist clients. Otherwise please use paper forms.

2. Where do you intent to publish it?
Please refer to above Publishing Guidelines.