Would you like a Student Wellbeing Support Officer for your school?

Interrelate is excited to be able to offer the new Student Wellbeing Support Program to schools in NSW. Through a funding arrangement between the NSW Department of Education, your school and the school community, Interrelate can place a Student Wellbeing Support Officer in your school.

How can the program benefit your school?

This is a flexible program where Interrelate, through the work of the support officer, can provide a range of services based on the needs of your community, for an average of 9 hours per week. We would work with you to develop a unique program plan to deliver the best outcomes for your students and their families. Possible activities could include:

  • working closely with school wellbeing teams to plan for and deliver services to enhance student wellbeingand resilience
  • providing students with support and referrals when they are facing challenges
  • pecically designed one-on-one or group programs for students and sta on topics such as fostering healthy and respectful relationships, managing stress, positive body image, diversity, feeling safe, anti-bullying and cybersafety
  • education and support for parents on recognising signs of bullying and strategies to manage bullying behaviours
  • attending P&C meetings to provide information on the programs and services that are available
  • facilitating community partnership programs between the school and the wider community.

All programs and supports can be delivered flexibly and are all aligned to evidence based practice and result in good outcomes.

Why choose to partner with Interrelate?

Interrelate is a not-for-prot provider of relationship services. We have been operating since 1926 and specialise in supporting parents and children. Each year, Interrelate helps more than 90,000 individuals, couples, families, children, schools and communities to strengthen their relationships through our flexible programs.

We believe that our 90+ years of experience working in schools and with families and communities will allow us to deliver a flexible approach that is based on solid experience utilising good practice principles.

In our work with schools we aim to increase the capacity and resilience of students, their families and the broader school community through the use of unique, exible and individually tailored case work, group-programs and capacity building. We also provide consultation, support and education for sta regarding mental health, wellbeing, and trauma-informed practice.

Want to know more?

If you are keen to engage Interrelate’s services, please contact our regional manager on 1300 473 528. The regional manager will meet with you to discuss the development of a program plan that meets the needs of your school community whilst providing you with summaries of programs offered and outcomes achieved for children and young people.

If you want to know more about the specics of the Student Wellbeing Support Program, please see the NSW Department of Education website.