Interrelate's Children's Contact Service offers safe, neutral, flexible, and child-focused time for children and their families to spend time together.

The aim of Interrelate Children's Contact Service is to support children to connect and build positive relationships with family members who they do not live with or are not connecting with outside our service. Additionally, we aim to help adults improve communication, reduce conflict, improve co-parenting relationships and plan how they will self manage ongoing contact arrangements in the future.

There are many ways families come to use our service. For example, court-ordered, self-referred, or referred by another person or service.

We recognise that every family has different contact arrangement needs and require different approaches, service types and different levels of supervision. We offer centre based visits, community visits and online video visits. In addition, we can discuss a variety of other ways family members can stay connected.

Information for parents

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Information for children

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Types of Services

Changeovers: Our staff facilitate changeovers and chargebacks to support adults to facilitate a conflict-free and child focused exchange. Your child or children transition between yourself and the other parent or other significant adults in your child's lives. Children may spend hours, days, or week with the other parent/carer until it is time to transition back to you. Change overs could occur at the centre, online by live video or in some cases at locations in the community.

Contact Visits: Our staff facilitate safe, positive, child focused contact visits for children, their family members, and significant others. Children spend time with family while staff supervise or monitor these interactions and these visits generally occur on a regular basis. Contact visits are for a set period generally between 30 mins to two hours and may be centre-based visits, community-based visits, or online video visits.

In addition, Children's Contact services can discuss a variety of other ways family members can stay connected, improve and grow relationships. For more information on different types of visits and contact services modalities, see tiles below.