Since August 2019, Interrelate and Westpac have been working in partnership to enhance the quality of support to communities through significant life moments, promoting thriving relationships. Interrelate proudly supports Westpac Life Moments, Westpac Recovery Hub, and Westpac Separation Hub initiatives. 

Interrelate is supporting the Westpac community by providing the following services, tools and programs:

Creating Positive Relationships

30-minute online tool to help couples understand their financial and personality profiles, their communication styles and those of their partners – allowing couples to have positive interactions and healthier conversations when discussing finances in their relationship. FIND OUT MORE. 

Program fee of $5.00 is 100% subsidised by Westpac using code WPCPRFREE at checkout.

Building Connections Self Paced Web GET STARTED

Online Counselling

Talking to a professional counsellor puts you back in charge of yourself and your life.


Building Connections 

60-minute online program helping separated parents have strong, healthy relationships with their children. Studies have shown that children benefit when both parents are involved and co-operating in their lives. Building Connections can help you identify and separate your own needs form your kid’s needs. 

Program fee of $25.00.

Creating Positive Relationships OnlineGET STARTED

Online Mediation

A simple, inexpensive form of mediation that does not involve legal action.


Resources to support our communities

Natural disasters and crisis can place a greater strain on relationships. Interrelate has developed the following specialty resources to support you and your loved ones during these times:

Resource Hub

On average, one in six women experiences physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous cohabitating partner. There is evidence that domestic and family violence increases after a natural disaster situation such as a bushfire, earthquake, or flood. Generally, there is increased alcohol and drug usage and job losses. The disruption of livelihoods and economic stress has the potential to exacerbate conflict. As resources are stretched and unaffordable, there will also be added risk for those experiencing financial abuse...

When a community recovers from the effects of trauma, it is important not to overlook the specific needs of children. Children depend on the adults around them for safety and security. In the event of a disaster, they will need support, encouragement, conform and care to share their stories. As parents and carers, our first concern is about how to protect and take care of our children during a crisis. Knowing how to support our kids can reduce stress and help in creating some sense of control over the situation... 

Children and young people are emotionally vulnerable during times of crisis, which can include natural disasters or in changed family and community circumstances. A child’s reaction depends upon their exposure to the event and the amount of support provided during the crisis and after the event. The influx of ever-changing information, changes to routine and ways of living can be stress-provoking for many children and young people... 

Be aware of your strengths and apply them positively. This will help you be the best you can be. Skype a friend or colleague and help each other see and celebrate your strengths and feel your positive emotions flourish. Each of us has an invisible bucket. It is emptied or filled depending on what others say or do. Use your strengths to fill your own and others’ buckets... 

Grief is a natural response when you lose someone or something that is important to you. That loss can be the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship and it can also be the loss of a way of life, a hope or dream that is changed by circumstances which are sometimes beyond our control...

There are so many benefits of the special bond between children and grandparents and their sense of connection is invaluable for the well-being of both. Grandchildren also keep grandparents mentally and physically active, and grandparents have much knowledge to pass on...

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