We understand that separation can be a difficult time.
When your relationship changes, it can be hard to know what steps to take to move forward.


If you’re considering separating

  If there is a still chance you would like to work on your relationship, we can provide you with programs to help you rekindle the romance or counselling to help pinpoint what the real problems might be.


If you have decided to/or have already separated

In this difficult transition period, we can provide services that support you to:
  • voice your feelings through counselling
  • learn how to communicate positively with your ex-partner
  • rebuild yourself after separation

If there are children involved

Parents undergoing separation often experience conflict, which can be damaging to their relationships with their child and the co-parent. Parents can greatly benefit from programs which support building their relationship skills to effectively co-parent, while improving their understanding of the impact of conflict on children.

The best interests and safety of any children involved is paramount. We can support you during this time through:  
If you would like to talk through your options for support, please call us on 1300 473 528 or use the Webchat function on our website.


Ready to act now?

 Our flagship post-separation course Building Connections is now available online.
This course will help you learn:
• the effects of family separation and the impact of parental conflict on children
• the importance of looking after yourself post-separation
• to improve your communication with the other parent
• how to be a more effective parent
• about support services available to help deal with the fall-out from family separation or divorce.

Enrol in the online course now
The online version of this course is available for an introductory price of $25.

Enrol in the online course now