We are excited to announce that we have transformed our flagship primary school programs and they are now online – making our programs available to all schools and students across Australia!

Our purpose at Interrelate is to support our communities and we have adapted to the needs of Australian students who are now learning from home and online. We want more students to access our flagship relationship and sexuality education programs. Especially students who might otherwise miss out. Now that we are online, we can connect with schools just like yours!

Interrelate is now delivering MITTY 5, MITTY 6 and Family Evening programs online through our virtual classroom. Learn more about each of these programs and how you can connect your students to learn important life skills on how to navigate relationships, puberty, reproduction and more! 

Moving Into The Teen Years – Year 5 
Moving Into The Teen Years – Year 6 
Where Did I Come From + Preparing For Puberty – Family Evening Bundle 2 


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