NOTICE: 2 August 2021

Adhering to the Public Health Orders and Government advice, we are playing our part to minimise the transmission of COVID-19. All Interrelate offices will remain closed for in-person appointments until Friday, 27 August 2021 (inclusive). At this stage, Interrelate offices will reopen Saturday, 28 August, pending Government advice.

We are here for our clients and the communities we support. Our services are continuing via phone and video options. To book an appointment or to speak with our team, please phone 1300 473 528. Alternatively, please use the link below to schedule an appointment by selecting a time slot that suits your availability.  

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Stay safe and please continue to comply with the public health orders. 


Resources for clients

  • Building Connections® available online

    Interrelate’s Building Connections® program for separated parents who are struggling to focus on what is best for their children is now available online in two different modalities: self-paced and group facilitated. Participants will learn: • the effects of family separation and the impact of parental conflict on children • the importance of looking after themselves post separation • to improve their communication with the other parent • how to be a more effective parent • about support services available to help deal with the fall-out from family separation or divorce.

  • Creating Positive Relationships online

    Creating Positive Relationships is a 30-minute online course for couples who want to strengthen the connection in their relationship. It is recommended that both members of the couple take part as there are sections where you work together on your responses. It will help you enhance your relationship by developing good communication and conflict resolution skills, accepting differences and maintaining connection.

  • Children’s Contact Service now online

    We have transitioned our Children’s Contact Services (CCS) online to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all our clients and our staff. All appointments have been transitioned to alternate ways of staying connected - as agreed to in partnership with the respective families. Our CCS team has suggested ways for families to stay connected instead of face-to-face supervised contacts including: • Time via Zoom or Skype • Supervised phone calls • Sharing of photos via CCS Coordinators email from one parent to other • Letter writing from child to parent and parent to child • Exchange of artwork • Video messages

  • School Services programs available online

    We’re excited to announce that we have transformed our flagship primary school programs online – with more to come! Due to the challenging education environment, Interrelate understands the importance of continuing our curriculum-aligning school programs to primary school students throughout Australia. With most students now learning in an online, isolated environment, transitioning our face-to-face programs to online, educational programs has been a key priority for Interrelate. You can now access MITTY 5, MITTY 6 and Family Evening programs online through our virtual classroom.

  • Supporting our schools in regional, rural and remote areas

    We are excited to announce that we have transformed our flagship primary school programs and they are now online – making our programs available to all schools and students across Australia! Our purpose at Interrelate is to support our communities and we have adapted to the needs of Australian students who are now learning from home and online. We want more students to access our flagship relationship and sexuality education programs. Especially students who might otherwise miss out. Now that we are online, we can connect with schools just like yours!

Resources for clients