1. Make your account private
• Google how to use the privacy settings on the site you’re using – they will help you control who sees what you do.
• Check and update your privacy settings regularly – get into the habit of checking them on the first of every month, for example, to make sure they haven’t changed back to the original settings.

2. Keep personal information private
• The more information you post, the easier it is for a someone to find you or to steal your identity.
• Check your photos and videos for any personal information before posting them.

3. Change your password – make it long and strong
• Have a mixture of capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols.
• Change your password regularly (once a month is a good idea).
• Never share your password with anyone.

4. Know your friends
• Only become friends with people you actually know in real life – never accept friend requests or allow people to follow you if you have never met them personally.
• If somebody you have never met wants to be your friend or follow you online, remember that you can block them, report them, ignore them and tell an adult.
• If you receive a friend request from someone who says they are a friend of a friend, don’t rely on their profile as proof of a relationship. Confirm that your friend actually knows them before even considering accepting the request.