I was born in an era where some women were given more of opportunity than others.  My parents would have been happy if I didn’t finish my schooling.  It was expected that I would be a home maker, and not have a job or paid employment. I was discouraged from studying and pursuing further education.
When you grow up in a society that looks at women as having very different roles to men, you take on some of those thoughts yourself
You believe that maybe you shouldn’t be taking on the same roles as men.  I certainly fought against that, I’ve always been a bit feisty and forward with what I think, however I still had some of those thoughts myself.
Being a woman in leadership, one of the biggest barriers to overcome is myself - my own self limitations.
In the workforces I have been a part of I have found both men and women, have empowered me and challenged those limitations that I have set on myself.  
Although I have experienced cases where I have put forward a thought or an idea in a work situation and it has been dismissed, only to have a man come up with the same idea half an hour later and they take it on board.  
I have struggled to know if this is because of the timing of my suggestion or is it because of my women’s voice?
The influence of how society sees women in leadership can create mental barriers for women to overcome.
My advice would be, just get comfortable in your own skin.  Find a good role model or mentor who can help you to see your strengths and how your life experience, knowledge and education can add to your role.  Someone who can help you realise all the skills you bring to the role. 
Learn to sit comfortably in your skin and be who you are, with your own personality and your own way of doing things.  I think finding that space of confidence is so important.
Find the right place to work.  A place where you can have your input heard and feel like a valued member of the team and feel fulfilled in your role.  With this combination you will surely blossom. 
Part of it is about choosing the right education path for you but I think more so it’s about finding the right life mentors.  
Having mentors that believe in me and see my value, has been one of the most empowering aspects to helping me become a good leader.  They allowed me to think about the path that I wanted to take.
Finding that connection between the business and the staff needs, is such an important part of having your team work well together.
I have always loved finding the passions of others and helping them achieve their goals and empower them.  There is nothing more fulfilling for me than seeing someone else achieve their dreams. 
I am so thrilled when a staff member in my team goes into a position above me.  I am so happy to celebrate the fact that their skills have been recognised.
I have had staff who have won awards for their achievements.  To be there for those milestones in people's lives is a great honour.