Client's name has been changed to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Tiana was 17 when she went to a friends’ party from school. All her friends were drinking so Tiana had a few drinks, too. Tiana had never drunk before but didn’t want to get made fun of. Tiana ended up consuming too much alcohol and made some silly mistakes.
One of Tiana’s friends filmed her dancing and sent it to everyone at school on Snap Chat. For the next few weeks, every time she walked into a classroom people laughed at her. She knew everyone in her year was talking about what she did. She was embarrassed and ended up not going to school for weeks at a time.
Tiana couldn’t escape the bullying. Kids at school would send her messages on Snap Chat and Instagram. Tiana felt ashamed and disclosed to her caseworker “the worst part was, none of my friends did anything. They were drinking, too, and they have made mistakes as well, but they did nothing except laugh when the other people made jokes”.