Client's name has been changed to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Lilly is in year 4.  Her handball gets stolen by her peers every lunch time and she is taunted with name calling every day.  Lilly laughs it off in front of her peers, but it hurts her and she displays a short temper and anger at home.
The CONNECT caseworker helps Lilly identify what bullying is and the feelings it creates for her. Lilly didn’t want to go to teachers to solve the issue so the CONNECT caseworker worked through some strategies to help Lilly have that conversation with the main person who was bullying her.
On her next visit to CONNECT, Lilly reported that she spoke with the instigator of the bullying alone at lunch time.  Lilly explained that she really didn’t find it funny and that it hurt her and made her angry. 
Through Lilly’s courage and strength to speak up and communicate how she felt, the bullying has now stopped, and the instigator of the bullying now stops others doing the same towards Lilly.