Client's name has been changed to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Bianca is 14. Bianca loved sports and attended a sports school. Bianca loved playing football especially, but every game, one of the older girls would tackle her really hard, even though it was meant to be ‘touch football’. Bianca ignored it for a while, as she thought maybe it was an accident, however, it kept happening. Every game. Every week. Bianca eventually stopped playing football at school, as she kept getting injured.
Bianca didn’t understand what she did to the other girl, and whenever she brought it up with her teachers, they told her that it was probably an accident and wouldn’t happen again. Bianca spoke to her friends about it, they all agreed she was getting tackled on purpose.
Bianca’s friends supported her and next time they played football, they all stood between Bianca and the other girl. After a few games, the other girl stopped tackling Bianca and she was able to continue doing what she loves.