I like working with the complex cases. Knowing that working with them can improve that child’s mental health later in life is a big positive. When you see a kid progress from not caring about anything, to a kid who has found passion and is enjoying life – that is worth getting up for. To have a kid say thank you, it is the most powerful thing about the work we do.

Working with everybody in the community has really helped to open my perspective. I assumed that we had a positive image – that people knew we were there to help. But I’ve realised not everyone sees it that way. Knowing that has helped me relate to the kids and their families and meet them where they are at. Most kids are receptive, you will know straight away if you give them that choice if they want to engage.

I have worked with other organisations where the money comes before the people. It just doesn’t work. When money is the sole priority, you don’t get the best outcome for the client. I would say that’s been a big difference about working with Interrelate, there is a real care for the people in the community.

As a young person, I guess you could say I felt a bit helpless. I didn’t feel like I had a much of a voice. I realised that all the generations before me hadn’t really had a voice either. I decided I wanted to be a part of helping young people to find their voice and use it. I suppose having a background in youth work, and my current studies in social work have really helped with the role. Also, being an Aboriginal woman has helped me build relationships with other Aboriginal people in the community.

Not growing up here, I have needed to form relationships with the services that already have their roots here and work with them – not separate to them. I think connection is a big part of living in a rural community. It’s very different from working in metropolitan areas, I’ll go down to the coffee shop of a morning and see heaps of people I know and work with. You do have to try and keep it separate to work – but that’s easy enough for me. On my days off I like to go out bush, go camping and travel, it’s a big part of my self- care.