Take action to build a community of upstanders

With bullyingnoway.gov.au reporting that approximately one in four Year 4 to Year 9 students say they have been bullied every few weeks or more often, schools often find themselves in difficult situations of having to manage sensitive conversations and fractured emotions.

When schools, teachers, children and parents are all armed with the same information about what bullying is, have strategies on how to deal with bullying behaviour and know how to work together with a whole of community approach to developing respectful relationships, schools can focus on their important job of educating our young people.

The Interrelate Bullying Awareness Program is aimed at Stage 2 (Yrs 3 + 4) and helps schools to:

  • establish a clear definition of bullying
  • create a collaborative whole of community solution
  • develop an understanding of respectful relationships
  • develop strategies to deal with bullying behaviour
  • encourage students to contribute to a bully-free school environment.

It is delivered by experienced educators using age appropriate language and concepts to help teachers, students and parents connect on this important issue.
To book a Bullying Awareness Program for your school, simply click and advise the date range that suits you.