Interrelate's Children's Contact Service offers safe, neutral, flexible, and child-focused time for children and their families to spend time together. The aim of Interrelate Children's Contact Service is to support children to connect and build positive relationships with family members who they do not live with or are not connecting with outside our service.

Can you bring extra visitors to contact visits ?

This service allows and often encourages the attendance of extra visitors at contact visits. Extra visitors would normally be people that child would have contact with if supervision were not required.
The attendance of extra visitors should always be pre-arranged with the coordinator prior to attending the visit and visitors will be required to complete intake paperwork.

It can be difficult to focus on your child's needs and to take care of yourself. However, if you are effectively taking care of yourself, then you are in a much better place to care for your child.

What is the duration of a contact visit?

The duration of a contact visit is determined by the needs of the child, centre availability, clients request and court orders. Dure to high demand and limits to funding, contact visits are generally for no more than two hours
It is sometimes possible for extended hours when full costs are met by clients and where staffing and space is available.
Some children cope best when visits are shorter but possibly more frequent we see this especially in young children or those struggling with changes.

How long is the waitlist?

This is a difficult question to answer. The reason it's difficult is that there are many contributing factors. Once you have made contact with the contact Centre Service (CCS) you are generally placed on the waitlist. Whilist waiting we aim to undertake time getting to know you, learn about your needs and those of your children. This happens via an intake and assessment.
Once both parents/ adults have completed an assesments and its agreed the service meets your family's needs, the CCS Coordinator will talk to you about available times in order to schedule some visits for your child or children.
Before visits start we schedult an orientation appointment for children.
While you are waiting there may be other things you would like help with, please discuss your needs with our staff.

How much does the visit cost?

Interrelate Children's Contact Service(CCS) receives some funding to assist with costs however to ensure our costs are covered we do need to charge fees. The cost of the contact visits are based on an hourly rate. The cost is $50 per hour, Monday to Saturday. The full cost on Sunday is $60 per hour. Often this is split therefore the cost per person / parent would be $25 per hour(Monday-Saturday) and $30 (Sunday). Changes overs and Change backs are $10 per event and often this is split, therefore the cost per person / parent is $5.

What happens if my child gets upset during the visits?

Your child or children are our main priority. Staff carefully observe children and monitor their emotional and physical responses to contact visits. If children become upset and the visiting family and/or staff are unable to settle children, staff will phone the adult/s the child lives with. We may suggest the visit finishes early to save the child any further upset or you may be able to suggests things to try to help your child settle.
Staff can provide additional information on how you can support children to adjust to visits, please chat with us about this.

If you have additional question that we haven't answered here please contact CCS coordinator