A Children’s Contact Service centre provides a safe and relaxed family atmosphere in which children from separated families can connect with both parents.

When there has been a long period of separation, the centre provides the space and the expertise to assist the children and adults to get to know each other again. The centre also assists grandparents, and others caught in the dispute between the parents, to continue or re-establish relationships that are important to the children.

Supervision is unobtrusive, yet with trained workers who are also quick to support a child’s comfort should a difficult or tense situation arise.

Who is it for?

Children and parents from separated families in conflict.

Key outcomes

Interrelate’s Children’s Contact Service aims to:
• provide a pleasant, home-like environment for adults and children to get to know each other again
• be a venue of safe changeover when there is high conflict in the family or adults do not want to see each other

What to expect

When you come to Interrelate, you can expect high-quality attention and care from professionals who are passionate about helping you to have strong relationships.



Information about CCS

If you are still feeling worried about the contact centre, there are some things that you can do that may help:

CCS Brochure

Virtual Tours

Anyone can see our CCS(Children Contact Services) rooms using mobile phone and internet from anywhere on the world using virtual tour which is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images.

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