We have developed the #RelationshipEquation to demonstrate the diverse nature of relationships. Our aim is to prevent unhealthy relationships by helping people identify healthy and/or unhealthy relationship behaviours.
We know that relationships aren't simple. They come in many different shapes and sizes, they are complex, and they are different for all of us.

What behaviours, qualities and characteristics make up a healthy or unhealthy relationship for you?

Submit your equation below to tell us what your ideal relationship would look like, or what you don’t want your relationship to look like. Or it could be what works in your relationship or what doesn’t - there are no wrong answers! Your #RelationshipEquation will help others recognise patterns of healthy and unhealthy behaviours in their relationships.

How does yours add up?


Relationship Health Check

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We know that education and awareness play a vital role in helping people to form healthy relationships and help them respond to unhealthy ones.

Check out our activities and resources below to check in on your relationship.


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