We are on a mission to promote respectful relationships by looking at ways we can have healthier, more connected relationships. We’re asking you to reflect on the question - is it time to pull up your socks? Is there something you can do to improve your relationships or help others to form respectful relationships?

Share your tip or experience here and join our movement for respectful relationships. 

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We know that education and awareness play a vital role in helping people to form healthy relationships and help them respond to unhealthy ones.

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Want to run a Pull Up Your Socks program for your sporting organisation? 

Our #PullUpYourSocks program supports sporting organisations and their communities to improve the wellbeing of their teams and their families. 

The Pull Up Your Socks program will provide the following outcomes: 

  • The benefits of mindfulness and mental fitness and how they can be incorporated to improve performance during sport and personal lives
  • Enhanced wellbeing for the whole team and how to better support each other
  • Improved cultural competency and cultural safety in sporting groups by promoting inclusion, diversity, and connection to Country
  • How to check-in with others and have difficult conversations respectfully
  • Understand the importance of self-care, building resilience, and forming a healthy relationship with yourself and others  dentify stress triggers and manage difficult emotions

  Interested?  Email marketing@interrelate.org.au for more information. 


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