This is an online program which will be delivered via Zoom. Please follow the steps below to access your session(s) successfully. 

Before the session 

Ensure your device is connected to the internet using Google Chrome browser. If you have installed firewall, please double check you have the correct permissions.

You can download Zoom here if you do not have it installed on your device.  Download Zoom here 

Or join a meeting without an account.  Click here to join without an account

Join a test meeting to familiarise yourself with using Zoom.  Click here to join a test meeting

A pre-evaluation was sent to you in the confirmation email, please make sure you have completed this before the start of the session. 

Participating in the Zoom session 

To ensure you are ready to start the session on time, please allow approx. 15 minutes to join. Your link to join the Zoom session has been sent to the email address you registered with.  

  1. Please click the Zoom link to join. 
  2. A pop-up window will prompt you to open or download the application. 
  3. Click Cancel in the pop-up window. 
  4. Click join from your browser at the bottom of the page - you will be directed to a new page. 
  5. Click Allow to allow Zoom permission for your microphone and camera. 
  6. Sign in with your name to join the meeting. 
  7. You will wait in the waiting room until the session begins. 
  8. ​When the facilitator starts the session you will be able to see their face and screen.  

Joining the Zoom session from different devices 

  • How to join a Zoom meeting on a desktop: Windows | macOSLinux 
  • How to join a Zoom meeting on a web browser: Web 
  • How to join a Zoom meeting on a mobile app: Android | iOS 
  • How to join a Zoom meeting through other methods: 
  1. Email 
  2. Messaging 
  3. Telephone 
  4. H.323/SIP 


Using Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an engaging presentation platform that allows users to vote and add their answers on the screen. Throughout the presentation you may be prompted to use a mobile device to vote or add your answer for certain activities. 

Accessing Mentimeter with a mobile device 

Use the camera on your phone to scan the QR code when it appears on the screen to join in the activity. 

Accessing Mentimeter in your web browser 

Open another tab in your web browser and type in It will then ask you to enter a code, enter the code that appears on the presenter’s screen. 

If you are unable to access Mentimeter, your facilitator will advise you of how to participate by either adding your answer in the chat or raising your hand etc. 


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