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Can you help us eradicate bullying?

We have a dream of expanding delivery of our Bullying Awareness Program to an additional 10,000 children.

It’s as easy as donating $15.

For $15 a child can be provided with education on a range of strategies for dealing with bullying situations and help schools to implement strategies to break the bullying cycle.

The funds raised from this appeal will enable schools to receive our program for free and we believe the value will be seen by parents and schools and they will want to contribute to the program with a pay it forward initiative.

Do you want your school to be a recipient of the program?

We’re asking schools around Australia to tell us why we should deliver the program in their community.

Nominate a school and we will be in touch to identify those most in need based on criteria of vulnerability, the outcomes they are looking to address and any evidence of a bullying problem in the school. We will then send our educators out to identified schools to run the Bullying Awareness Program, with the costs funded by the appeal.