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Making choices

This is a six-week anger management program that helps people understand the effect of anger on relationships and make healthy choices on ways to deal with anger. It may be conducted one-on-one or in a group.

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Becoming parents

This four-session program explores expectations of parenthood – helps new parents understand the challenges and changes involved in turning the partnership into a family.

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Being a Mum

A three-session program to help mothers become more mindful parents – build skills to encourage closer relationships with their children.

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Being a Dad

A three-session program on being a father today – help fathers gain the skills necessary to build closer relationships with their children.

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Being a Grandparent

A three-hour interactive seminar on the needs and changing roles of grandparents.

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Positive parenting

A three-hour interactive seminar on positive communication and parenting techniques.

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Ideas for parenting teens

A three-hour interactive seminar on how to effectively communicate and set boundaries with your teenager.

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Building connections

Building Connections is a three-hour interactive seminar for parents having trouble sitting down together to work out what’s best for their children since their separation.

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Stronger connections

A three-hour interactive seminar for separated parents who have attended Building Connections to reinforce the importance of working together as parents for the benefit of their children.

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Parents not partners

A six-session program for separated parents in conflict over the children. Parents not Partners is designed to improve emotional and developmental outcomes for children in separated families. It does this by:

  • raising parents’ awareness of the impact on their children of the ongoing conflict in their family
  • providing them with knowledge, tips and strategies to be able to focus on their children rather than on their issues or conflicts with the other parent.
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Relating as stepfamilies

A 3 session program that aims to assist couples manage the demands of life as a stepfamily. This program is run as 3 x 2 hour sessions.

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Seasons for growth

A nine-session grief and loss program that helps children and young people understand and express experiences of significant change, loss and grief.

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In the workplace

Interrelate conducts educational and training programs in the workplace for employees facing relationship and other difficulties.

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