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School Services

Interrelate has been teaching sexuality and relationship education in NSW schools for more than 90 years. We have a reputation for non-discriminatory and open teaching on sensitive issues such as bullying awareness, healthy relationships, puberty and sexuality support.

Interrelate is backed by the Voluntary Certification Scheme, an initiative of the Australian Government that aims to provide schools with the ability to access online-safety education programs by providers that meet the high standards of the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. So your school may be eligible to receive funding for our anti-bullying and cybersafety awareness programs.

Find out if your school is eligible.

Our work in Victoria

In May 2017, Family Life Victoria began operating as a subsidiary of Interrelate, providing education programs in Victorian schools. We will announce an extended choice of programs for schools in both states in July 2017.

Find out more about the history we share with Family Life Victoria and what services are currently available in Victoria.

Resources and books

Interrelate has a range of books for parents and kids. These books answer the Questions Kids Have®, collected from real questions in the classroom. Purchase these books online or after an Interrelate School Program.

Our programs

You can read more about the programs we offer in NSW and download their information packs (including booking forms) below. You may also download our School Programs Summary which outlines these programs. If you would like your school to benefit from one of our affordable programs call 02 8882 7875.

Raising awareness of bullying
Cybersafe Teens
Bullying Awareness Parent Webinars
Family Evening Program
Minding me
Moving into the teen years
Managing menstruation
Kids Building Connections
Talking Relationships