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Family Life Victoria

On May 1st 2017, Family Life Victoria Limited began operating as a subsidiary of Interrelate.

Both Family Life Victoria and Interrelate stemmed from the Father and Son Welfare Movement of Australia, which began in 1926, before the states began operating as separate branches. As a result, our clients will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of 2 organisations, who have a shared history and the same values.

In July 2017 we will announce our new range of programs that will offer extended choice for our schools. Interrelate’s anti-bullying programs recently received accreditation from the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, which means that schools in all states (except for Victoria currently) can apply to receive funds to run the programs.

Family Life Victoria currently provides:

  • sexuality education in schools
  • anti-bullying education in schools

To make an enquiry for Victoria, call (03) 9813 2377 or visit www.familylifevictoria.org.au

Interrelate currently provides:

  • relationship education
  • counselling
  • parenting support
  • family dispute resolution
  • children’s contact service
  • carer support
  • mental health support
  • sexuality and anti-bullying education in schools
  • Aboriginal community services
  • workplace support and training

Watch Interrelate’s 90th history video to find out more about how we began and where we are today.